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What is JH Modeling

What is J&H Modeling?

J&H Modeling is the largest boutique modeling agency in the United States. We operate professional studio facilities in exotic destinations like Las Vegas and Mexico. Our professional clients consist of high-end nightclubs, retail establishments, and lingerie stores. J&H never shoot nude models and all of our photographers are licensed and insured.

We typically work with and recruit amateur models for one-time shoots only. However, we do occasionally engage models for long-term representation when models show particular promise.

The Work is Easy

The Work is Easy

If you don’t know much about modeling, just know that it’s the pathway to a lifestyle of fame, travel, and riches!

J&H Modeling Offers:

  • Free Travel To Exotic International Shoots.
  • Some Paid Shoots.
  • Edited Sets For Your Portfolio .
  • Long-Term Representation.

Unlike other unprofessional agencies, J&H Modeling is strictly professional and licensed. We never shoot nude sets for clients, we always engage substantial security presence, and an experienced female team member will always be present.

If you’ve never modeled before, this can be scary, especially when considering something you’ve never done before. This website is for you and is intended to educate you. Please read this website thoroughly. After reading the entire site, if you have ANY questions, please apply online and include any questions you have.

I was nervous when I started as a professional model too. I even thought I wasn’t good looking enough, but after I learned what it’s all about and was given the proper guidance by Jenna (our model manager), I realized this was the best decision I ever made and was grateful to be promoted into management!

Good Luck!

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Why is JH Modeling The Best

Why J&H Modeling The Best

Professional Clients

We only shoot for large, professional clients like high-end nightclubs, large retail chains, and upscale lingerie stores. These mainstream clients can give your modeling career major exposure.

Free International Travel

We shoot our models in exotic international destinations like Las Vegas, Mexico, or Florida. If you’ve ever wanted to travel to any of these beautiful destinations for free, now is your opportunity.

Long-Standing Agency

We have been around for nearly 20 years and have shot thousands of models, many of whom went on to have successful long-term modeling careers.


Our management and photographers are all experienced professionals who relate well to our models’ needs.

Long-Term Representation

On a selective basis, we offer ongoing modeling assignments and long-term representation for excellent models. We will discuss this opportunity with you if you qualify.

Make Excellent $$

Some shoots are paid, whereas others just offer free travel (common in the industry). Those shoots or long-term opportunities provide excellent compensation.

Choose Your Own Availability

We work entirely around your availability and can schedule shoots and travel around your needs.

Great Sets For Your Portfolio

We provide virtually all sets we shoot to you on a disk to add to your own portfolio. This is a great opportunity to showcase your talent to other agents and photographers.

No Experience Required

Absolutely no experience is required and our photographers and managers can teach you all the “tricks of the trade.”

Never Any Nudity

We are strictly a professional agency that never shoots adult content. While some shoots are lingerie shoots, an experienced female team member will always be present and we never allow any nudity.

Professional Management

Our agency is managed by industry veterans with more than 20 years experience.

Licensed & Insured Agency

Our agency is professionally licensed & insured.

No Exclusivity

We don’t require any of our models to become exclusive unless they like working with us and want long-term assignments.

Become a Model

Get the future you deserve TODAY!

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Do you only work with females?


Do I have to be a certain age?

Yes, you must be at least 18.

Do I have to be a beauty queen to be successful?

No! Apply now and we will tell you your prospects. Modeling is just as much about posing and energy as it is how few blemishes you have.

Do I get paid?

Like all modeling agencies, some shoots are paid whereas others only pay for travel & expenses and give you a copy of the set for your personal portfolio.

Do you only work with skinny models?

We recruit models of all shapes and sizes. Apply now and we will tell you your prospects.

Is this a safe gig?

Absolutely! Our shoots are always staffed with adequate security regardless of location.

Do I have to get naked on camera?

Absolutely never! All shoots are clothed.

Can I really get famous?

Absolutely! All models get their start somewhere.



This gig isn’t for everybody!

  • Not everybody can handle a lifestyle of fame and fortune that comes with successful modeling.
  • Not everybody has the flexibility or desire to travel to exotic international destinations like Las Vegas, Mexico, or Florida.
  • Not everybody can stay focused and successful in the modeling industry.
  • Not everybody can adjust to having a lifestyle of expendable side income.

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